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flaregames creates seriously awesome mobile games. Games are our passion, gaming is our lifestyle.

The Holstee Manifesto (right column below) decribes our shared outlook on life rather well. Even when developing games with hot hearts and cool heads, work should not be everything. Only if we keep an open mind towards the beauty and diversity of life, can we achieve the mental flexibility we need on the job.

We work with our employees in a transparent way, because only those who are always well-informed about company strategy and performance can make the right decisions independently. With transparency comes discretion, without trust transparency is only an empty phrase.

We are respectful of the individual’s performance and personality, and always give direct feedback. We stand for open and honest communication, where everyone has the right to criticize constructively. The best ideas often emerge from the liveliest of discussions.

We are always open to new ideas and also correct decisions that have been chiseled in stone, when a better solution presents itself. This approach only works well when all partners have clear objectives, smart plans and well-considered positions.

Our employees are joint entrepreneurs, who fight for their ideas with both passion and pragmatism. And who also take responsibility when the going gets tough.

We organize our work on a project basis, in teams of equal partners. Our organizational chart emphasises team-members’ relationships, rather than restrictive hierarchies and reporting lines.

And the most important of all: we are passionate about our games, because we see games as worlds of adventure for our gamers, not products.

[Holstee Manifesto © Holstee LLC 2011. Used with permission.]