Royal Revolt Post Mortem

Posted on April 12, 2014 by gunnar

Klaas, CEO of flare and Pete, CEO of Keen Flare (flaregames’ Frankfurt studio) held a talk at Quo Vadis Conference in Berlin.


This is the slide deck they used:

Royal Revolt Post Mortem from flaregames GmbH

The Success of Royal Revolt 2

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ROYAL REVOLT 2 released worldwide

Posted on Februar 27, 2014 by gunnar

It’s live! Here’s the official press release:

KARLSRUHE 27/2/2014 – flaregames, a leading publisher and developer of mobile games, announced today that their long-awaited mobile game Royal Revolt 2 has been released on iOS. The game is free to download from the App Store worldwide and in more than a dozen languages.

Royal Revolt II, the sequel to the international smash hit Royal Revolt!, is a beautiful 3D tower defense game with a new twist, the ability to play offense. Players build castles and defensive installations – and attack each other for gold and fame!

The game has already garnered its first accolade: The prestigious International Mobile Game Awards nominated it for inclusion in the ‘Best upcoming game’ category.

‘The team spent 18 months of hard work building on the strengths of Royal Revolt!. The vision and dedication has finally come to fruition, Royal Revolt 2 is now out in the wild. We’re quite happy to see how players, partners and media enjoy our latest creation. And yet, our work has just begun: Our Frankfurt studio is already busy building new features and extra content for the next updates.’ said Klaas Kersting, Founder and CEO of flaregames.



Royal Revolt II gets a release date!

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We announced today that our long awaited mobile game Royal Revolt II: King vs. King is nearing release. The release date has been set as February 27, 2014 for iOS smartphones and tablets. The game is to set ship worldwide in 15 languages and will be a free download. The Android version will follow a week later, with extra content to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Google Play.

“Royal Revolt II is shaping up to become the unique strategy game we hoped it would become. We are super excited and can’t wait to see the battle starting. We have taken our time to build the best possible experience for our millions of Royal Revolt fans. On top of this, we already have a long list for more content and new features to extend the whole gaming experience.“ said Pete Walentin, Managing Director of developer Keen Flare, flaregames’ Frankfurt studio.


Monsters on the whiteboard

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At flaregames, we don’t use the whiteboards for boring pie charts.



Season’s Greetings!

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Heiko Hubertz Joins Advisory Board of flaregames

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flaregames has formed an advisory board.

Four experienced entrepreneurs and investors were appointed: Harry Nelis of Accel Partners and Thomas Grota of T-Venture (both investors in flaregames) are joined by entrepreneurs Zoe Adamovicz, founder of app search company Xyologic, and Heiko Hubertz, founder of games publisher Bigpoint.

The advisory board is to provide industry opinion and guidance, a task for which it is exceptionally suited. Heiko Hubertz is a seasoned veteran of the games industry. Zoe Adamovicz is an expert for app discovery. The investors Harry Nelis and Thomas Grota can offer valuable advice on navigating the trends of growth markets.

“It‘s an appealing task to help guide the coming growth phase of flaregames – Klaas and his team have laid a solid foundation during the last few years,” says Heiko Hubertz.

Klaas Kersting, CEO and founder of flaregames, adds, “I’m honored to have found, in addition to our long-standing partners Harry and Thomas, two such wonderful entrepreneurs as Zoe and Heiko. We’re very well positioned to deal with the challenges of the gigantic market of mobile games.”


Smartphone Gaming Info

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This infographic shows some interesting data on smartphone gaming. Click to enlarge.


Oi, what’s this?

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It’s a collection of glorious theme songs from our mobile games, composed by the fabulous Jco!

All our games have musical scores, even though we know players often play on their smartphones without the sound on.


Strategy in a Start Up

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In this house

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F2P player feel satisfied with their purchases

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Market research firm EEDAR published data that shows IAP are well accepted in mobile games: Over three-quarters (75 percent) of the players that spent $50 or more on a game stated they were satisfied with their experience.

Money Spent Graph v2