Royal Revolt II: King Vs. King is Coming – Winter 2013!

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Royal Revolt II, the sequel to the multi-million downloaded mega-hit introduces Multiplayer Tower Defense, a new evolution in the tower defense game genre

KARLSRUHE , Germany – August 8, 2013 – flaregames GmbH, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, today announced that the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning mega-hit Royal Revolt! is coming this Winter. The game will appear on leading smartphones and tablets and will be downloadable for free. Royal Revolt II is being developed in Frankfurt by franchise creators Keen flare, a joint venture of flaregames and keen games.

The prince, who is the hero of the Royal Revolt series, has grown up and become King after defeating his evil relatives and regaining the throne that was rightly his after the death of his father. But, the world is full of kings, and now the real battle begins.

Like its predecessor, Royal Revolt II brings new momentum to the Tower Defense genre. Just as Royal Revolt! reversed the tower defense genre that put players in the role of attacker instead of defender, the successor also brings a unique innovation to the genre. For the first time, players take on both roles. The sequel offers impressive 3D gameplay now in defense of their own castle.
The game begins as the player sets up their own castle and defensive wall. This includes the construction and installation of defensive towers and obstacles and allows the player to build in an intuitive mode with just a few touches.

PvP battles in Royal Revolt II are epic with infinite strategic options for players on both sides. Everyone needs to protect their treasure while defending against enemy attacks. The goal is to dominate your enemies and steal as much of their gold as possible while defeating their attacks, or defenses.

“Royal Revolt! was the title that really put us on the map in the smartphone market – with the next title, we are again setting a new standard! The early prototypes are already incredibly fun, and we‘re confident we have a hit in the making with Royal Revolt II”, said Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames.

“We can‘t wait to release Royal Revolt II to our millions of fans. We‘re working hard on the game and of course hope we can deliver another great, innovative and exciting game for the fans like we did with the original Royal Revolt!,” added Pete Walentin, Managing Director of Keen Flare GmbH.



Success on Windows for Royal Revolt!

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KARLSRUHE – August 1,2013 – flaregames GmbH, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, today announced that game downloads of Royal Revolt!, first published in early June for Windows platforms, have now significantly exceeded the one million mark. The Windows 8 version for desktops and Surface tablets currently stands at just over 500,000, and the Windows Phone version has seen 750,000 installations. Royal Revolt! was developed by Keen flare GmbH in Frankfurt, a joint venture of flaregames and Frankfurt-based studio, keen games. The title is optimized for Windows 8 PCs, Surface tablets and Windows phones and can be downloaded free of charge through the Windows Store.

Players responded enthusiastically to the release of Royal Revolt! on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The game has user review scores of 4.5 to 5 stars out of 5 in every country where it has been released.

The colorful and humorous Royal Revolt! is about a young prince, who after the death of his father, the king, has his kingdom stolen by his evil relatives. With simple and intuitive (touch) controls, players direct the Prince through the lovingly designed levels and helps him conquer castles on his way to regaining the country.

“The release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone has been a tremendous success, and the numbers speak for themselves. We are particularly pleased with the enthusiastic response of many players,” said Pete Valentin, Managing Director of Keen flare GmbH “We also want to say thank you to Microsoft, who have exemplary support and have always believed in our game. ”

Stephan Harms, Gaming Evangelist at Microsoft Germany added, “The Windows platforms has been a key element of flaregames growth strategy and it has definitely paid off. This shows the importance of windows in the games sector and I am especially pleased because I am one of the million plus enthusiastic Royal Revolt! players.”


Throne Wars released!

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POWER STRUGGLE IN THE MIDDLE AGES: Throne Wars Comes to iPhone and iPad

flaregames, Makers of Royal Revolt! and WordOn HD, Release Epic Strategy-MMO set in the Middle Ages

KARLSRUHE, Germany – July 24, 2013 – flaregames GmbH, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, is bringing its new strategy MMO game for iOS tablets and smartphones to the App Store today. The game, Throne Wars, is free and now available worldwide with fully localized versions in 15 languages. Download it now at: the AppStore

Throne Wars is a challenging multiplayer strategy game, with MMO elements, set in a persistent world. The setting is inspired by Europe in the late Middle Ages and players engage in intense competition, establish settlements, manage cities, conduct research, and fight wars. Of particular importance are the free heroes who – depending on their talent – help players, by serving as generals, governors and spies. Whether organized in an alliance with hundreds of other players, or as a lone wolf, every action has an impact and implications in Throne Wars. Only those who can play all of the instruments of power will succeed and rise to the top of the leaderboards – becoming the king of kings.

Throne Wars features deep gameplay, beautiful graphics and a sophisticated user interface. Those that played the game during its test phase praised the lovingly designed Cityscape, intricately designed buildings and parallax effect, which provides perspective and brings the world to life.

The title is now available simultaneously worldwide in 15 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). The download is free, and the game features in-app purchases (IAP) for additional items and in-game currency.

“We have always seen strategy as a core competency of our company – and of course, know that the genre has many fans worldwide. We have worked hard and thoroughly tested the gameplay in order to give strategy game fans a really sophisticated, yet easily accessible game experience. Throne Wars is probably the most advanced game in its genre. We are looking forward to hearing feedback from the players,“ said Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames GmbH.


Support your indie dev!

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One year, twelve million downloads

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A letter from Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames:

Klaas_Kersting_CEO-flaregamesIn the end of May last year, BraveSmart and Ocean|Tower, the first games from our studio, flaregames, which was founded in 2011, appeared in the AppStore and on Google Play.

It has been an exciting journey since then – we‘ve grown to 45 employees, have created a daughter studio, Keen Flare, and have brought out three more games, including German Developer Award recipient Royal Revolt! and the viral wonder WordOn HD, which has found an audience of millions on its own, without much marketing.

To date, across all platforms, we’ve had a little more than twelve million downloads, and in every major market segment we‘ve reached at least six digits. Even in Korea and China, both traditional markets in which German game companies have always had issues, we’ve made great achievements already.

Our revenues, generated almost entirely via in-app purchases under the free-2-play model, have regularly doubled from quarter to quarter. We‘re confident that we‘ll grow our revenues by more than 1,000 percent year over year.

We’ve done a lot of things wrong, but also some things right along the way. We‘ve revised our ideas and adapted our organization, but we haven‘t forgotten what started out to do: build an asshole-free, culturally and economically sound company that makes great games.

We think that we have managed to take a few steps in the right direction on this journey – and want to take this opportunity to thank all of our players, partners and friends who have supported us so far. Today, we’re still going strong, and the next few weeks and months will be the most exciting time for flaregames by far. Stay tuned.

Klaas Kersting, CEO


Mobile Games Market

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Newzoo’s latest estimates put the mobile games market at 12.3 Bn Dollars — or 18 per cent of the whole games market.

Here’s a breakdown per region, clearly showing Asia-Pacific in the lead:


Click images to enlarge.

[Source: Newzoo]


Office Jump&Run

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We redecorated again!


Royal Revolt on Google TV

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LG uses our game to showcase of their latest Google TV set.


What they say about us

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On paper

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Local newspaper BNN visited us a few weeks ago.

The headline translates as “Koreans help the little prince from Karlsruhe” — because they were quite impressed with our player base for Royal Revolt in South Korea.


Royal Revolt! is out for Mac

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Our partner, keen games, has just published the Mac version of our reverse TD game Royal Revolt!.

The Mac version is coming in glorious HD with upgraded graphics and specially adapted controls for the mouse. The price point is €3.59 ($3.99 in the U.S.), and players will receive a package of in-game currency, known as Gems, for use in the game.

“Playing the prince on a smartphone is great, and on a tablet, it’s even more fun. When you experience Royal Revolt! on a computer monitor, the detailed graphics really bring the vibrant and fanciful world to life in a whole new way. With every new version of Royal Revolt! we develop, we bring new ideas to the brand and we’ve got a lot more ideas for the franchise before we’re done,” said Pete Walentin, managing director of Keen Flare.

Download it here.


File under “misc.”

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Flaregames gets regularly covered by the media, here’s a bunch of links to reviews and interviews:



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BraveSmart and Royal Revolt are nominated for the German Games Award.