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Our journey has only just begun: we are a start-up company with great ideas and remarkable co-entrepreneurs! Check out our job openings and get in touch!

We believe in giving creative people enough freedom to explore their ideas. We believe solid development processes, strict gates and fast cycles of feedback and iteration. We believe in developing using our own technology – AND the best tools available on the market.

We believe in the tremendous potential of mobile gaming and the opportunities of a young, expanding market. Games are our passion, gaming is our lifestyle.

Our next step? You tell us!

Being an entrepreneur is not about financial risk or status – but a question of personality and mindset. That is the reason why we are not looking for mere employees, but co-entrepreneurs who fit into our recruiting formula:

Competent knowledge and an established experience are important. But even more important is the human being behind the qualification. We believe in humans making the difference – not knowledge!

About you:

  • You have fun and are fun.
  • You are a co-entrepreneur, not just an employee.
  • You can provide inspiration, for both players and work colleagues.
  • You have nerves of steel that can effortlessly work through problems that others would call “stress”.
  • You are capable of improvisation. Because even the best laid plans require it from time to time.
  • You are brave. You go forward and push for what you believe even into an opposing wind.
  • You believe in evolution. You enjoy refining good ideas.
  • You possess intuition, that ingenious combination of knowledge and experience.
  • You are able to be calm and cool and question your own judgement.
  • You are pragmatic. From among a mass of things – large, numerous, important, significant or urgent – you see and follow the right one.

Stop being an employee and start becoming a co-entrepreneur! Choose flaregames as your next arena.

Check out our job openings and get in touch!